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How to Hold HandsScan from the Japanese ‘Young Person’s Sexual Guide’

thank you

06 by Peter Judson
wear the outfit with the flower shirt!!!

thanks for input :—) i think i will i just feel like it’s boring!!!

the one with the skirt, maybe????¿¿ i like it but idk if you do:/

i like it a lot! but you can see my bra through it + there is cleavage and i don’t really want that in my school picture i don’t think

but i like the look so im bummed!

people should talk about drew barrymore i think
i love her


I would look so good with a cigarette tbh but my lungs are not worth the #aesthetic or the #addiction

ummm is it just me or does saic send all their letters out in threes

lov the smell of sourdough today is my last day of summer and im a fool !!!!


nymphomaniac: volume i


female privilege is feeling unsafe literally everywhere you go and men getting personally offended by you feeling unsafe

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