now looks like james dean
peek my moon
hahah this looks like an elvis impersonator rn lmao

Forever Yours, Empty: Valentines Day card

After the holidays
Thanks to all of you!!

Luke Brooks and Beth Postle

during the school year im gonna be teaching an art class to lil kids once a week for ~more than minimum wage~ !!!!!!!

  Aug 1st : 11
my outfit is boring and recycled but im still tryna feel cute & positive

"It’s as if Perry and I grew up in the same house. And one day he stood up and went out the back door, while I went out the front."
Capote (2005) dir. Bennett Miller
  Aug 1st : 18
  Aug 1st : 13373

get ice cream & read catcher in the rye (^-^)
get palette knives and palette box (x~x)
feed & clean up after the cat (x~x)
paint grey scale portrait (at least 3 hrs!!!!)
wake up & swim
paint / mix colors all day w breaks to read & then watch blancanieves @ night OR
(MAYBE go to free art / music festival)
eat breakfast & spend day w my mom :—)

i felt super overwhelmed and sad so i had to plan out my next few things this is for me i posted so that i follow thru with everything dont be mean to me i am so fragile rn b y e

  Aug 1st : 6
Anonymous: You look like a poor German child in the early 1900s

i don’t know if this is supposed to be mean but lol it is an interesting observation

  Aug 1st : 2

“Do not whistle as I walk through the streets. I am not a dog. Do not expect thanks for your drunken attention. I do not want your half assed compliments. Do not comment on my choice of clothing. It wasn’t for you. Do not speak about my physical appearance. I don’t care for your opinion. Do not insult the things I say. I don’t think of you before I speak. You do not control me, you don’t even cross my mind.”
p.s. (via recaer)

  Aug 1st : 345